SOFIMAX produces mechanical parts according to a drawing or 3D model, individual and small series parts, punching tools, plastic injection tools, gears, preparing and clamping tools, control devices, etc.

Our products are manufactured from:
  • steel (1.0037, 1.7131, 1.1191, 1.2842, 1.2312, 1.7225, 1.2379, ...);
  • the hardening, browning, welding, powder -paintable, engrave;
  • non-ferrous metals and alloys (aluminium, brass, copper, stainless, ...) anodizing, polished, welding, hard brazing, sandblasting;
  • plastics (PA6, POM, teflon PTFE, plexiglass, UHMW-PE, S-GRŰN, etc.).
  • Make use of the information meeting, before you decide to cooperate with us.

    At the meeting, we will examine the options for the implementation of the business cooperation, together, we will define the tasks that will be carried out in the different phases of the project cycle as well as the indicative schedules for their performances. On the basis of the meeting you decide whether you want to entrust us the project. For the term of the appointment, please contact us at or on telephone number +386 41 327 028 (contact: Matevž Hojnik)..

    Working with renowned suppliers gives our customers the assurance of getting top quality products. Company Sofimax, d.o.o. ensures that all services are performed professionally and reliably. We look forward to working with you!