About us

The company SOFIMAX d.o.o. has employees that work with more than 25 years of practical knowledge toward the production of mechanical engineering – tool making. The company operates as a representative of the Dutch company NOVOTEC B.V and German company MANN+HUMMEL GmbH., which are global companies specializing inter alia in the supply of EDM consumables, spare parts and filters. In doing so, we are daily in contact with a large number of processing enterprises, where getting to know their production skills and capabilities in the manufacture of individual machine parts in the processes of design, turning, milling, grinding, wire EDM and die-sink EDM, plasma and laser cutting, welding (MIG, MAG, TIG), hard brazing, hardening, nitriding, galvanizing, browning, sandblasting etc. On the basis of the knowledge of over 250 processing enterprises from all Slovenian regions and other parts of former Yugoslavia we produce affordable, high quality products in short production time.


The main advantages

Sofimax d.o.o. is a limited company that was founded as a trade, brokerage, consulting and manufacturing company. The main objectives of the company are as follows:

  • - promotion of engineering knowledge in the field of tool making among business partners in Slovenia and abroad;
  • - brokerage services related to the production and sale of machines and machine parts of superior quality;
  • - a competitive purchase price level as a result of optimisation of business cost;
  • - short and long-term technical support;
  • - providing superior EDM supplies and consumables: wire, filters, electrodes, graphite, wear parts, resin etc.;
  • - continued introduction of new or improved products;
  • - short-time delivery;
  • - consultancy in the field of production organisation;
  • - construction consultancy;
  • - consultancy related to machine parts production.
The main advantages of the company are as follows:

    • - 25 years, practical experience with clients and production;
    • - constant availability;
    • - rapid response;
    • - short delivery times;
    • - consistency with regard to top quality products;
    • - professionalism and reliability;
    • - flexibility and creativity;
    • - ability to connect theoretical knowledge with the problems that arise in practice;
    • - consulting in the field of production;
    • - design consulting;
    • - advice on the technology of manufacture of machine parts;
    • - low price.